Find out the details of Bosch Performance’s automotive, industrial and racing achievements in the media. Includes first-time product debuts and more. Read now.

The Car Doctor Ron Ananian talks Bosch gauges at SEMA


Ron Ananian, The Car Doctor, spent several hours in the Bosch booth at SEMA 2014 conducting live interviews with various Bosch product specialists.  Listen here for his conversation with Paul Zentovich, Product Manager of Bosch's new line of performance gauges.  The Car Doctor can also be heard on radio stations nationwide and at iheartradio.

Bosch runs track at Elko Speedway

In debuting our first-ever line of gauges, we dipped into Bosch’s storied racing heritage. From injectors to spark plugs and more, Bosch helps cars perform at their finest. It was only right to take our new line of gauges to the track at Elko Speedway in Minnesota with [CARS] to showcase the full line. Because at Bosch, our best photos happen at the track.

Bosch’s first-ever gauges line

After decades of improving nearly every facet of the automobile, we set our sights on something new – the interior, namely gauges. We debuted our first-ever line of performance gauges earlier this year with style to fit every eye and interior. Bosch gauges will be available at most automotive retailers later this month. 

Download our new catalog here.